13 Must Know Facts to Pass the Earth Science Regents

1. If you cut an object into pieces, you don't change its density.

2. The altitude of Polaris equals your latitude.

3. The Coriolis Effect deflects winds and currents to the right in the N. Hemisphere.

4. Condensation: water vapor changing into liquid water.

5. Boiling/evaporation: liquid water changing into water vapor.

6. Planets take longer to revolve around the sun the further they are from the sun.

7. Low Pressure: wet weather (warm).

8. High Pressure: dry weather (cool).

9. Weather moves west to east.

10. Porosity does not depend on particle size.

11. The Earth is closest to the sun in Winter.

12. Minerals have different properties because of the internal arrangement of atoms.

13. Marine (sea) fossils on mountain tops indicate that the land has been uplifted

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