Earth Science Regents Review Flashcards

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Covers observations, density and the changing environment.

Planet Earth
Covers earth's coordinate system, latitude, longitude, Polaris, topographic maps and gradient.

Minerals, Rocks and Resources
Covers properties of rocks & minerals, hardness test, and streak test.

Dynamic Crust
Covers small scale crustal changes, earthquakes, volcanoes and plate tectonics.

Weathering, Erosion, Deposition and Landscapes
Covers weathering, erosion & deposition, sorting of sediments, landscape characteristics & regions.

Interpreting Earth's History
Covers relative dating of rocks, geologic history from rock record and radioactive decay.

Properties of the Atmosphere
Covers electromagnetic energy, transfer of energy, temperature & heat and earth's energy supply.

Weather Systems
Covers atmospheric temperature, pressure, density, wind, circulation in troposphere, air masses, fronts, prediction, storms and severe weather.

Water Cycle and Climates
Covers the steps in the water cycle and different climate types.

Earth in Space
Covers apparent motions of celestial objects, models of earth, actual earth motions, time, earth and moon.

Beyond Planet Earth
Covers origin and age of universe, structure of universe and everything within the solar system.

Covers some key ideas and concepts from the Earth Science Reference Tables.