Earth Science Regents Review PowerPoint

Here is some great review of key earth science topic. These files require PowerPoint to be installed. If you do not own powerpoint then you need the Powerpoint Viewer which you can get by clicking here.

Rock Cycle PowerPoint
Great little slide show on how the rock cycle works.

Station Models
Great review of how to read, write, code and decode station models.

Metric System Review
Great overview of the metric system. Provides great review on how to use the metric system.

Shape of the Earth Review
A lot of information on how we know the earth is a sphere, not flat.

Tons of PowerPoint's Great Site
Power point links, these links take a long time to open so be patient.

Earth Science Review Powerpoints
Over 25 great powerpoints which will surely help you enhance your understanding of earth science.

Physical Properties of Minerals
Great review on the properties used to identify minerals

Altitude of Polaris
Nice presentation to show how the altitude of Polaris is determined and used.

Review the basic properties of earthquakes and how they form.