Tips to Succeed in the Earth Science Summer School Classroom

Summer school can be a challenging time in a young person’s life as there are so many events simultaneously happening that thinking about the earth science regents over the summer can sometimes take a back seat to the list of priorities. However, for a student who has failed regents earth science, summer school is an essential part of growing up and can help the student get ready to pass the earth science regents in August. Just like with many obstacles in life, there are a few tips, if employed, could help students find their maximum potential in earth science and succeed in passing the regents the second time around.

1. Before stepping foot in the summer school classroom, a good night’s sleep can go a long way to prepare for the classroom. If a person does not get enough sleep, their work will suffer as they cannot think at their best. Also, before class begins, an earth science student should eat some kind of breakfast. This does not need to be a six course meal, but having something in the morning can help the brain get ready to take on the day. Benefits of eating breakfast (a bowl of cereal would suffice) include increased energy levels, while improving memory and concentration.

2. Students who participate in class tend to have higher grades. Students who raise their hands, ask questions, participate in class discussions, and activities tend to have a higher grade compared to those who do not actively participate. Participating in summer school earth science by talking in front of the class or answering a question could be a step outside of their comfort zone, but it is the best way to become engaged with the material; your grade will thank you for it in the future.

3. Come to class with all necessary tools to succeed in the class. Normally, a summer school teacher will list the materials needed for the class with an explanation of why these materials are needed. If the teacher says a certain earth science review book is required for the class, get it before the class starts, if you’re the type of student that always loses their pencil/pen, then buy a pack so you’ll have enough to last for a long time. Coming to class with all the necessary materials means that you can hit the ground running instead of stressing about a review when you don’t have the book.

4. The most important step anyone can take to succeed in the earth science class is to DO THE WORK! It doesn’t matter if you have all the materials, get enough sleep, eat breakfast, or participate in class discussions if you don’t do the coursework. There have been many students who have failed classes because they did not turn in assignments. If the teacher assigns homework, then take one hour of everyday and sit down without any distractions, (which could mean living without your phone for an hour) and do the work. In many classes, the coursework points outweigh the test points, so if the assignments are completed, there is a better chance of obtaining a high grade for the class.

Remember if your in summer school, something did not work the first time around. To be sucesful you must review and learn the material. This entire website is devoted to helping students find success during the earth science regent exam. Good luck in your quest!