The silicon (Si) oxygen (O) tetrahedron is the building block of silicate minerals, the most abundant by mass in earth's crust.

Arid landscape: steep slopes with sharp angles.

Example of an arid landscape

Humid landscape: smooth with rounded slopes.

Example of a humid landscape

Mid-ocean ridge - new earth being created-sea floor spreading.
Trenches - earth being destroyed - subduction zone.
P waves are faster than S waves.

Notice how the P was shows up first (since it travels faster) then the S wave (which is slower)

P-waves pass through liquids, solids and gases (that's why people hear earthquakes. "S"-waves travel through "s"olids. only.
You need 3 seismometer stations to triangulate the epicenter of an earthquake.
Convection currents in the mantle move plates.
The orientation of the Earth's magnetic field has reversed with time.

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